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How A Fatum Surfboard is Made – Part Two – The Conversation

Shaping a Fatum Surfboard.

If you have not read ‘Part One – The Blank’, you can catch up now. Or if you are happy with a quick recap, here you go: We thought it would be cool to take you through the process of making a Fatum Surfboard, how every step is meticulously devised and kept updated for the […]

Surfing opens again in Portugal

Surfing Portugal is back

Joy. Unbridled, good old-fashioned stoke and in huge amounts is now circulating the surfing community of Portugal. For seven weeks we have been denied our fix, like drug addicts we became sullen and emotionally twitchy, depressed, and unresponsive. When an entire community is subject to this mindstate things can become awfully bleak. Conversations between friends […]