What’s the difference between a stock board and a custom board?

There isn’t any difference at all. Our stock boards are created the exact same way our custom boards are made, we just offer our most common sizes as stock boards.
So, if the size is right (and you prefer classic white), go for a stock board.

Do you guys make other types of boards than those listed on your website?

Actually yes! Any board from our range can be used as a starting point for your perfect board. We will make any kind of specialty board for you – as long as the design makes sense – for you.
Talk to the shaper. We will see, what he can do.

I’m planning a trip to Peniche and I would like to pick up my new custom board when I get there. How far in advance do I need to order my board (I want to be on the safe side)?

This really depends on the season. During the summer we are pretty busy.
“To be on the safe side” you should order at least six weeks before your trip And: You should really give us a call and tell us, when exactly you need your new board.

How do I know, how much my custom board will cost?

The prices on our site can serve as a starting point. These will not necessarily reflect the actual price of you personal board.
Your price depends on the type of blank used, fin options, glass- and finishing options and, of course, the design (airbrush, print or just plain white) applied to your board. Feel free to fill out our custom order form. We will contact you with a full quote.

I saw a board on “Super Cool Surfing Co.”s website. Can you build me one of those?

Yes and no!
We don’t really copy other shaper’s designs. We can however point you to a board that’s really right for you, that incorporates similar features.
Otherwise: you will have to buy from that “Super Cool Surfing Co.”.

I have an old dinged up or broken board that worked magically for me. Can make a copy for me?

Again, we don’t do copies.
However: please give us as much information about your old board as possible (or bring it in). We will provide you with a new ride that will work for you. Promise!

I’am just a beginner. Do I really need a custom board?

If your just starting out, any old board (as long as it’s generally the right size) will do.
Beyond that point, we believe that any surfer will profit from a custom board. The right shape and design will do wonders for the development of your surfing. The boards we build for beginners and intermediate surfers usually have a built-in “when I get better”-feature to make sure you will be able to use it for a long time. And: you get to choose what it looks like!

How long does ist take to build a custom board?

Depending on the season, it can take anywhere between two and six weeks.

What’s Fatum’s environmental policy?

Like most surfers, we do care about the environment.
However, building surfboards does involve the use of chemicals and plastics. We always use the most environmentally-friendy non-quality-compromizing products available.
A good surfboard will last a long time (after all: they can be repaired) and leave less of an environmental footprint.

What’s up with those quad- and five-fin- setups? Isn’t that just plain bullshit?

Not really.
The fin-setup is an integral part of your board’s performance. What fin-setup works best for depends on many factors and should be discussed, when ordering your board.

Do I need to ride a shortboard to be cool?

Let’s just hope your self-esteem doesn’t depend on the type of board you ride.

Aren’t epoxy boards better than traditional fibreglass boards?

This is more of a “religious” issue than anything else. The different technical approaches to building a surfboard can be discussed endlessly (and they are – check google) and a lot of “facts” can really be attributed to marketing-talk.
We, however, believe strongly in the “real deal”: pu foam, plywood stringer, polyester resin and fibreglass. This way custom boards can be built at a reasonable price, they can easily be repaired, a desirable weight/strength ratio and they provide perfect flex: the perfect ride.

Got another one?

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