Okay, so you’re interested in getting a custom-made board. Cool, just fill in the form.
Don’t worry, you are not actually ordering a board from us at this point. This is just our method of gathering as much information as possible about you, your style of surfing and the kind of board you’re looking for. Our shaper will contact you by phone and discuss the specifics of your new board with you (and how much your board is going to cost).

Lost in the options

Don’t feel like worrying about every little detail? You don’t really know, what some of them actually mean? You would like to discuss a specific option? No problem. Just put LITTS (leave it to the shaper). We are going to talk about all of the options on the phone


The price of you new custom board depends on couple of variables (type and size of blank, design, finish, features etc…) so we can’t really list a price here. You can however, use the price of our stock-boards as a starting point. Just fill in the form and we will be able to tell you exactly how much your new board would cost.

More questions?

Just give us a call. Seriously: call us! Talking about this stuff is a lot easier on the phone than by e-mail…

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    From here on you should only enter information, if you know what you’re doing. If in doubt, put "LITTS" for "leave it to the shaper".

    The Details



    LITTSrounded pinroundsquashrounded squaresquareswallowdiamondbat


    if available

    Glass Options

    LITTSstandard: 6 bottom, 6+4 deckperformance: 6 bottom, 4+4 deckstrong: 6 bottom, 6+6 deckshortboard standard: 4 bottom, 4+4 deck, patchshortboard performance/comp: 4 bottom, 4 deck, patchshortboard strong: 6 bottom, 6+4 deck, patch



    Fin System

    Fin Setup

    Other Fin Options


    Try to describe the design of you’re new board as well as posssible: rails, pinlines, decal styles and placement, deck , bottom etc.
    Alternatively you can choose to upload a sketch of your design. Only JPGs (max size 500kb) will work.
    Please note, that any airbrush-work will add to the cost of your board.

    That’s it!

    Okay, you’re done! Fatum will contact you with a full quote and shipping and payment options. Also, the shaper will want to discuss open questions...