Enter The Fatum Warehouse

For some time, our clients have been asking us if they can purchase Fatum Clothes and Stock Fatum Surfboards online. This has not been possible until now…

We decided, this year to open our online store, The Fatum Warehouse. ( https://fatumwarehouse.com/ ) or just hit the ‘SHOP’ button on our homepage.

We decided that we would group together our clothes and offer a deal on postage along with a small discount for buying more than one garment at a time. Also for the first time you can purchase Fatum Surfboards online. They will be in the post to you the very next working day.

A word about our clothes:

You all know how good our Surfboards are and there are a series of blog posts about our process in that regard. What goes into making one of our boards. Now I want to tell you what makes Fatum clothes so good.


Fatum Clothes

Do you remember a time when Surf Clothes were a better quality? You paid more and you got clothes that felt nice, looked different, amazing and lasted for EVER. Well, we do and we wanted to re-create that with Fatum Clothing.

All of our clothes are designed and made in Portugal. By design, I don’t just mean the print and the artwork but down to the cut, the fabric, the pockets. This is all dealt with ‘in house’.

We have a good relationship with factories in the North of Portugal that employ real life people that get paid a good wage and physically build the garments. In this world of importing goods often to the detriment of the environment, we think it is a great thing to be able to do.

Not only this but we can feel the difference in quality. It’s back to the way things should be. You pay a little more and get something truly special.

We have ranges for Men, Women and Kids with more stuff on the way all the time. Check them all out at the Fatum Warehouse.