Limited Edition Fatum DMN Nubster Fins

We don’t do things by halves at Fatum. This time it was Lucas, our board repair guru’s, turn to come up with an original idea. The Fatum DNM Nubster fin.

Once in a while, everyone needs to have a good clearout and at the Fatum factory, we are no exception. In this instance we were having a new roof fitted to the factory, that’s right a whole new roof so everything including the kitchen sink needed to be taken out and organized. Among the bits and pieces of half-finished projects, Lucas found a panel of fibreglass and some old fins and that’s when he had the idea for making some Nubster-style fins.

The Fatum Nubster DMN fin was born from repurposing all of the spare fibreglass sheets we found, they are all made by hand and so all very slightly different both from an asthetic and functional point of view.

Lucas has spent 4-5 years living in Munich and surfing the river waves, his favourite being the Eisbach. As he explains it the Nubster style fin replaces the rear fin in a traditional thruster (three fin) setup, this allows for the surfer to potentially perform manoeuvres in a tighter area coming in very handy on the river waves. The DMN comes from a calving in the stone of the ancient Eisbach river bridge.

Eisbach River Bridge, Munich
Look for the DMN in the stone of the bridge

The moment we put these fins on sale at 30 euro they have started flying out of the door. These are very limited edition and made when we have the time to make them, so if you are interested jump in soon before we run out of stock.

Fatum Nubster Fin
The handmade and repurposed Fatum Nubster Fin.