Here at Fatum, we strive to give every surfer the best possible surfboard.

We like to incorporate as much input and feedback into our designs as possible. So the move to CAD-shaping was a natural step for us to take, and we can’t speak more highly of the process which ensures even the smallest details matter. Shaping surfboards is all about precision.

We, like many surfers out there, still believe that magic things can happen when a shaper carves a board from a blank. But now we know that these magical events will happen every single time that the same shaper uses the CAD process.

Since making the transition in late 2007, it has taken our boards to a new level. And it has allowed Gero to focus on what really matters: board design. Ultimately this means a wider range of boards and a perfected customising process; feedback from our riders is injected directly into our different models, allowing each one of our customers to benefit.


We like to treat every board in our range as just a starting point because ultimately we like to make them just the way you want/need them. So remember, the board won’t just be a standard proven shape. It will do exactly what you want it to do – and maybe even a little more. It will be your board. And there will only be one made to those exact specs.
When you order your board from Fatum, Gero will want to have a chat (the oldschool way. There are no emails in this part of the process. This is a real chat by phone or in person). From beginner to pro, from basic fun-shapes to specialised short-boards, Gero will pry enough information out of you to give you a perfect ride and take your surfing to the next level.
Over the years as Gero’s developed shapes proved themselves, we incorporated a few designs into our standard board offering. Still custom-made in our factory in Peniche, we try to keep a few of these shapes in our Shop and also offer them as test boards in our showroom. Available to purchase directly, you can also use them as inspiration for your own personalised custom-made shape.


At Fatum we use high quality blanks from Surfblanks Ltd. South Africa. After the lathing-process the blanks are hand finished (airbrushed, if desired) and treated to our premium glass coat with BGF Aerialite fibreglas and Silmar Resin.


A Few word about fins:

With our boards we proved with a choice of FCS, Futures or Lokbox fin systems.
Our fin system of choice is the FCS II . Here’s a couple of reasons:

  1. Efficient keyless system for quick fin installation and release. The FCS II system requires no grub screws or keys to secure the fins to the board. Fins can be easily inserted and removed in seconds, allowing you to adapt your equipment to the conditions, on land and in the water.

  2. Flush Leading Edge: Recessed leading edge with flush base connection improves water flow. These features not only create a sturdy anchorage to the board, but minimize water disruption through a more flush and seamless transition between the fin and board surface.

  3. Backward Compatible: The FCS II System is backwards compatible with all your favourite FCS dual tab Fins. The FCS II Compatibility Kit contains specially designed silicone infills to eliminate the gap created by the dual tab fins in the new system. The Compatibility Kits are available to purchase separately through FCS Retailers or via the FCS Online Store.

  4. The Mechanism: Constructed using a corrosion resistant titanium tension rod, and a rotating, wear-resistant polymer barrel. When the fin is inserted into the plug the barrel interacts with a groove detail in the fin to lock it into place using a combination of downward and lateral force. The FCS II Fin System has been tested to over 4,000 cycles (installing & then removing the fin). Under normal conditions, the FCS II system will outlast the life of the board.

  5. Honeycomb Construction: Lightweight Composite Frame encapsulated by high density foam reduces weight and maintains flex.

  6. Accuracy: Gero feels it is very important to see the shapers dots, as they tell you at a glance, that the fin system has been installed accurately. While all other box systems require removal of the shapers dots, FCS II does not. We know that a quarter inch difference in fin placement can make a big difference on how your board performs. FCS II gives you that quality assurance at glance without complicated measuring.
    Accuracy includes cant angles as well. Because fusion has different cant angles built into the system, it’s easier to install for the manufacturer because it matches the contour of the bottom of the board better. This allows for a better stronger installation with truer fin cant angles every time.

  7. Also FCS has the most diverse fin collection in the market, allowing us to provide our clients with the best, most specific, reliable and appropriate fins for our wide range of board models and surf conditions. This allows our clients to get the best of their board, turn after turn and wave after wave,