A step up board that offers very good manoeuvrability.

skill level
Advanced to Pro
10 of 10
wave range
5' - 10'
wave rating



A step up board that offers very good manoeuvrability.

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The Lowdown

Ride perfection - In perfection.

Step up boards are made to give you more hold and drive in bigger waves. The down side is that you lose manoeuvrability and you often find yourself just flying down the line. The deep single concave all the way through the Bond conquers this issue and lets it behave like a shortboard. Thanks to the added length and volume you get in to the wave early and can make a lot of ground to get around critical sections. The round pintail and thinner rail shape helps to control the board in your rail to rail transitions.

It’s designed for the conditions everybody dreams of: perfect, fast, powerful waves. This is your ideal travel board for Indo, Morocco or anywhere else where you seek dream conditions.

Gero recommends ordering the Bond three inches longer than your normal shortboard and it will give you all the confidence you need in hollow surf.


NOTE: Standard every Board is made with FCSII Fin System without fins. In case you prefer a different system please head over to the Custom Orderform.


Nothing less than perfection from head high to solid double overhead. Not recommended for anything less.


Progressive surfers who are looking for manoeuvrability in solid surf.

Details and Options


  • Single concave

Available Tailshapes

  • Pin

Available Fin-Setups

  • Thruster

Board Stats

length width ofo nose ofo tail thickness volume
6'1" 18.18 " 11.38" 13.65" 2.25" 25.81 l
6'3" 18.25 " 11.38" 13.65" 2.32" 27.52 l
6'6" 18.50" 11.38" 13.65" 2.38" 28.17 l
rails: mid
rocker nose rocker waist rocker tail
high high high