A shortboard for lighter surfers who don’t want to sacrifice their board’s performance due to their weight.

skill level
Advanced to Pro
9 of 10
wave range
1' - 6'
wave rating



A shortboard for lighter surfers who don’t want to sacrifice their board’s performance due to their weight.

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The Lowdown

No sacrifices for smaller and lighter surfers.

Fatum aim to make the best board for every surfer. Watching the line-ups around Peniche you often see lighter crew struggling. You can literally see the board doesn’t fit them. They surf normal shortboards just in smaller dimensions when that’s not what they need. The Wire is a shortboard built especially for their needs.

We took our famous Skippa model and modified it to the needs of slighter surfers. The narrower tail and thin rails of the Wire will help lightweight surfer get more control, power and flow into their surfing.

Thanks to our CAD software we can scale down all dimensions to the surfer’s weight which becomes even more relevant for lighter surfers. So far so good. The real trick, besides moving the wide point forward, is in the bottom contours. These need to be way more subtle, as on a board for strong-footed surfers, this leads to a soft single to double concave. The board will simply suit the surfer better and putting the board on a rail becomes easy. End result: more fluent surfing.


NOTE: Standard every Board is made with FCSII Fin System without fins. In case you prefer a different system please head over to the Custom Orderform.


Anything from knee high to solid overhead.


Young guns or very light adults.

Details and Options


  • slight single concave

Available Tailshapes

  • Squash

Available Fin-Setups

  • Thruster

Board Stats

length width ofo nose ofo tail thickness volume
5'0" 16.75" 11.32" 13.58" 1.89" 17.76 l
5'3" 17.00" 11.50" 13.62" 2.00" 17.67 l
5'5" 17.30" 11.63" 13.75" 2.00" 19.76 l
rails: low
rocker nose rocker waist rocker tail
mid mid mid