Extremely laid back, no stress classic style longboard.

skill level
Intermediate to Advanced
2 of 10
wave range
1' - 3'
wave rating



Extremely laid back, no stress classic style longboard.

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The Lowdown

Relax and enjoy the ride!

This board will take you back to the beginning of surfings glory days. A time where everybody just surfed for the pure joy of it. No contest training, hassling or anything else that would stress you out. A real Therapy for the mind.

The high volume and wide tail lets you float on the smallest wave you can imagine. You just point the board down the line and jump off and the board will carry you as long the wave last. The absolute ease of riding waves. Ones you bring your toes to the nose you will feel the other face of the board.

As good as it sounds this only works extremely well in small peeling conditions. In steeper conditions it becomes a challenge which will need all your attention and skill which on the other hand is of course also fun.

All in all the Therapy is the best anti-stress pill we have in our line and will bring you pleasure whenever you ride it.


NOTE: Standard every Board is made with FCSII Fin System without fins. In case you prefer a different system please head over to the Custom Orderform.


Smaller peeling waves.


Single fin retro lovers.

Details and Options


  • Pronounced rolled vee troughout whole bottom

Available Tailshapes

  • Diamond
  • Square

Available Fin-Setups

  • Single

Board Stats

length width ofo nose ofo tail thickness volume
8'0" 22.00" 17.75" 15.25" 3.00" 63.25 l
9'0" 22.75" 17.50" 15.18" 3.18" 71.30 l
9'9" 23.00" 17.50" 16.18" 3.50" 89.90 l
rails: 50/50
rocker nose rocker waist rocker tail
low low high