Ze Don


You want to walk on your board like it’s part of the sidewalk in front of your house?

skill level
Beginner to Intermediate
4 of 10
wave range
1' - 7'
wave rating

Ze Don


You want to walk on your board like it’s part of the sidewalk in front of your house?

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The Lowdown

An offer you can’t refuse.

Ze Don is our flagship in the classic longboard range. It’s been under constant development for two decades and offers everything you want from a classic longboard: smooth turns, easy trimming and endless hang time.  It doesn’t matter what the ocean throws at you, this board will handle everything with style.

Ze Don has a fluent, even rocker line with a slightly flipped tail to keep control while nose riding. The bottom contour is a predictable rolled vee in the mid-section that blends into a panel-vee in the tail for precise trimming.

This board does’t have a defined sweet spot and can easily be turned in all positions. The plan shape is full with a wide nose and the rails are soft throughout with a 60/40 profile in the mid-section. Ze Don works brilliantly as a single fin but can be tuned with a 2+1 set-up.


NOTE: Standard every Board is made with FCSII Fin System without fins. In case you prefer a different system please head over to the Custom Orderform.


Everything everywhere.


True longboarders.

Details and Options


  • Vee troughout whole bottom

Available Tailshapes

  • Diamond

Available Fin-Setups

  • 2+1

Board Stats

length width ofo nose ofo tail thickness volume
9'0" 22.65" 18.50" 14.25" 3.89" 68.25 l
9'4" 22.89" 18.68" 14.50" 3" 75.25 l
10'0" 23.25" 18.75" 14.89" 3.25" 85.20 l
rails: full
rocker nose rocker waist rocker tail
mid low mid