Chill Pill


The remedy to cure your small wave sickness.

skill level
Intermediate to Expert
5 of 10
wave range
1' - 6'
wave rating

Chill Pill


The remedy to cure your small wave sickness.

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The Lowdown

Cure your small wave blues!

One of our main goals at Fatum Surfboards is to increase your fun in the ocean. With this in mind we developed the Chill Pill. No matter how small the surf this board still allows you to get your feet in the wax and enjoy yourself. It’ll surprise you every day you take it out … even when you thought it wasn’t surfable.

The Chill Pill tips a hat to the Giant Fish. Like all fish boards the Giant gives you a large planing area which generates high speed and allows easy wave catching. The issue with a fish is they can become skatey and loose in more powerful surf. That’s where the Chill Pill comes in. Less width in the tail and nose makes it more precise and the single to double concave allows you to turn well in clean, fast conditions. In fact it creates so much speed that anything becomes possible.

Compared to a fish the Chill Pill offers better rail to rail transition in small waves. Because of the round tail you don’t have to sacrifice stability like with many wider shaped boards. Generally it’s a mellow surf but once you plant the back foot you can do very sharp turns.

To suit a maximum range of conditions we recommend this board as five fin. This way you have plenty of options to make this board even more enjoyable.


NOTE: Standard every Board is made with FCSII Fin System without fins. In case you prefer a different system please head over to the Custom Orderform.


Smallest mush to fun head high.


Intermediate to advanced surfers looking for an alternative to a fish shape.

Details and Options


  • Single to double concave

Available Tailshapes

  • Wide Round

Available Fin-Setups

  • Thruster
  • Quad

Board Stats

length width ofo nose ofo tail thickness volume
5'6" 20.25" 15.18" 15.50" 2.50" 31.04 l
5'10" 20.65" 15.25" 15.50" 2.61" 34.7 l
6'3" 21.25" 15.35" 15.5" 2.66" 40.23 l
rails: full
rocker nose rocker waist rocker tail
low low mid