Fatum Duke 6’2″ – Light Pink


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  • Duke 6’2″ x 19 1/2″ x 21 3/4″ x 15 1/2″ x 2 7/16″, 41.32 Liters 
  • Thruster FCS II System
  • Please note: The Board comes without fins

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The Duke is one of those boards that’s been around for a long time. Shaped for surfers who wanted a more relaxed Moby. Almost by accident Gero took one of those modified Moby’s on a surf trip. The waves where long, clean, but unfortunately small. Still the board worked insanely well and Gero was hooked. Back home in the shaping bay he applied further changes, most visibly the double winger, and the Duke was born.

The Duke’s very wide nose lets you glide into the smallest waves effortlessly. The vee-bottom contour keeps the relative rocker line pretty flat, however on the rail extra rocker helps to make tight turns. The two wingers narrow the tail down which helps further in your turns. Even though you wouldn’t think it from the outline of the board the Duke turns extremely well; especially coming off the back foot.

Size really matters with the Duke. At 6’6” – 7’2” it’s a very easy to surf, user friendly board which will satisfy everybody who is looking for an all around fun machine. Longboarders who want a shorter board for travelling or to spice up their quiver pick the Duke. In this size of 6’4” office warriors who surf well but simply don’t have the time to surf a lot will love the Duke. Getting waves is super easy and from there anything is possible. In fact the board offers you so much time on the wave that you can even think about what you throw on the barbecue post session. The short length makes it easy to throw around and adjust your speed.

The board can be surfed as a thruster, quad and thanks to the bottom curve also as a single fin.