I met Leon when he was 9.
He was a little skinny
grom popping around in
the Pavones line up.

He was really interested in doing airs and that was my strength so I gave him a few tips.

To my surprise he spoke German and was visiting the German school in San Jose. Being all that German, a nice kid and funny looking I decided to sponsor him his first board, a tiny little Fatum.

Since then we have been friends, only now he

shows me to do airs but he is still skinny and funny looking.

Leon grew up to be a very exciting surfer to watch. He has all the airs downs from stalefish 360 airs, kerrup flips, alley hoops …now he is working on his rail game. I can wait to see him surf in a few years from now.


He is a super nice kid, treats people with respect and does not take things for granted both aspects are very refreshing as a lot of upcoming kids think and act like there are the next Kelly Slater. They expect sponsors to crawl up their ass, luckily not Leon.

Funny anecdote about Leon: As Leons German is not the best he asked me to write a little mail for him to his main sponsor Volcom in Germany.

So I did and mailed him the text so he could copy paste it into his mail and sent it.

What he did not noticed is that I signed it with “Mütze & Glatze“ (a saying in German for “wanking”). His last name is Glatzer, get it?!
So of it went to his sponsors and I think Volcom Germany and I had a good laugh about it.

So welcome to the Fatum team Mütze Glatze!
by Thomas Lange