We Are Still Mowing Foam

Men who wear masks all day can just carry on wearing masks all day. It’s business as usual for the guys in the surfboard factory. While the Fatum shop is closed to visitors, we in the workshop can carry on mowing foam and making smiles.

While most of the world closes it’s doors and waits, we are making sure that we make the most of the warehouse shop temporarily being closed. There will be some cool new things to see when we re-open but lets not spoil the surprise.

The Local Surf

While a few diehards are still surfing, it has been deemed illegal by the Portuguese authorities due to Covid-19 lockdown. The police have been given powers to exact big fines and anything up to possible incarceration. Thankfully this has been enough of a deterrent to convince the masses that surfing is not a great idea at the moment. The beaches are closed and so are the waves.

empty waves in portugal under COVID19
The wave are empty and no one is surfing. But it’s pumping.

Custom Orders

With a lead time on custom orders of 6-8 weeks maybe this is a great time to get in touch and talk to Gero about your next surfboard. Order now, Surf Later.

With more time than usual out of the factory, Gero has taken his hand to farming! Yep, thats right, from mowing foam to mowing fields and planting legal herbs. The real danger here is that he enjoys it too much and then who will make all of our surfboards?

If you are thinking about a new board, get in touch soon before we lose him to the farm.

Gero is not shaping, he is farming
Gero is getting a feel for the farming life. Someone stop him!!!

The Next Surf

As far as we know business will resume as ‘normal’. The beaches will re-open, flights will land and the joy of surfing can continue. Until then, stay home, keep safe and keep dreaming of the next wave.

One thing is for sure. We will all surf again.